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CFO | Kapersky

Sajjanna Ramesh CFO(SA)

“As modern CFOs, we need to ask ourselves, are cyber security risks important enough to be classified as business risks.”

CFO | Unilever

James Todd

“Unilever’s James Todd represents the modern versatile CFO with a flair for turnaround strategies and a genuine passion for the products, people and company that he’s served for the past 30 years.”

CFO | Brands Consumer Group

Matthieu Rivart

“If you want to succeed, you have to be curious.”

CFO | Silon LLC

“If you cannot be a strategic complement to your CEO, you are probably not doing your job right.“

Daniel Raubenheimer

National Agricultural Marketing Council

The CFO Club has added a sense of fulfillment and elevation to my career both personally and in a corporate world.

Irene Mathatho

Strategic CFO and Management Consultant

The CFO Club and the CFO (SA) is my confidence. Since I have been awarded CFO(SA) I got self-confidence. CFO(SA) defines "ME".

Nitin Singh

Being a CFO(SA)

Being a CFO(SA) has assisted me in being trusted as a business partner within the organizations which I am involved in.

George Sparis

Sanlam Corporate Finance

It was a long and winding road to achieve, but absolutely worth it.

Billy Mans | Sanlam Corporate Finance



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