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Stevens Mwanje: The Crucial Role of CFOs in Shaping Africa’s Business Landscape 



In a recent discussion on the CFO Club podcast, Stevens Mwanje, CFO at the National Security Fund of Uganda, shared invaluable insights into the evolving role of CFOs in today’s dynamic business environment. Hosted by Nicolaas van Wyk, editor for CFO Club and CEO of the Chartered Institute of Business Accountants, this conversation highlighted the transformative journey of modern CFOs in Africa. 

Nicolaas van Wyk’s Engagement 

Nicolaas van Wyk not only hosted the engaging dialogue but also shared his perspectives on the expanding responsibilities of CFOs. As a speaker at the upcoming CFO Africa Conference alongside Stevens Mwanje, Nicolaas looks forward to further exploring these themes. 

Journey to Becoming a Modern CFO 

Stevens Mwanje’s career provides a compelling narrative about the evolution from a traditional finance role to a strategic leadership position. Initially pursuing an ACCA qualification to enhance decision-making in business, Stevens’s story reflects a broader shift among CFOs towards acquiring diverse and impactful skill sets. 

Role at the National Security Fund 

In his role at the National Security Fund, Stevens manages retirement benefits for Uganda’s private sector, illustrating the strategic impact that modern CFOs can have. His approach extends beyond financial reporting, focusing on advisory services and strategic initiatives that drive significant value within his organization. 

The Drive for Standardizing CFO Competencies 

During the podcast, the discussion touched upon an exciting initiative led by the CFO Club and the CFO Alliance to standardize CFO competencies, potentially influenced by European Union guidelines. This effort aims to equip CFOs like Stevens with a globally recognized set of skills that enhance their effectiveness and strategic influence. 

The Significance of the CFO Africa Conference 

Both Nicolaas van Wyk and Stevens Mwanje will be speaking at the upcoming CFO Africa Conference. Scheduled for July 10-12, 2024, at the NH Johannesburg Sandton Hotel, the conference promises to be a pivotal gathering for finance professionals. The event will cover a range of topics from finance function transformation to strategic management, offering a prime opportunity for networking and learning. 


As the role of CFOs continues to evolve from traditional financial stewards to strategic business partners, discussions like the one with Stevens Mwanje provide crucial insights into the competencies required for success. The CFO Africa Conference will further this dialogue, helping to shape the future of financial leadership in Africa. 

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