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Take your CFO Club membership to the next level by objectively demonstrating attainment of the 34 competencies of the modern Finance Leader by earning your Cert. Fin. Officer (SA) designation.


Classical route:


CFO Club member + CFO Job title + BCom + CTA + MBA + 8 years experience + Competency assessment = Certified CFO designation


RPL route:


CFO Club member + CFO Job title + Any degree + MBA + 12 years experience + Competency assessment = Certified CFO designation


The CFO Designation

After years of studying and gaining experience, CFO Club members who have been awarded the job title CFO, FD, VP or FM are now ready to demonstrate their achievements in an objective and verifiable manner with a Certified CFO designation.

SAIBA uses a vigorous application process to map the CFO role against the CFO Competencies of the modern Finance Leader.

If successful, the applicant is awarded the highest designation in the accountancy profession and can place the official designator letters – CFO (SA) or Certified Financial Officer (SA) – next to their name

Official Designation

Certified Financial Officer (SA) is registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008 and registered at an equivalent of NQF level 9. This is the highest level associated with any designation.


Nationally Accredited

As the designation is awarded by SAIBA, employers are able to obtain objective confirmation that an individual has mastered the 34 critical competencies required within the typical job function of a finance executive such as a Finance Director, Senior Financial Manager, Vice President – Finance or Chief Financial Office.

International Membership

SAIBA is a full member of the International CFO Alliance (ICFOA) – the global body for finance executives and a founding member of the African Finance Executive Institute (AFEI) and CFO Alliance, giving members access to international networks and the annual CFO World Congress.


Designation Benefits

  • Registration on the National Database of Accountants in terms of the NQF Act, 2008
  • Charted to 34 competencies required at the strategic level of a finance department
  • Officially registered certification for finance executives in South Africa
  • Objective confirmation of your worth as a Certified CFO
  • Proof that you are committed to ethical conduct and lifelong learning
  • Access to Tax Knowledge Base


Chief Financial Officers

Finance Directors

Government Finance Directors

Senior Financial Managers


Senior Controllers

Vice Presidents of Finance

If you meet the criteria to earn the Certified Financial Officer (SA) designation, then complete the application form
today to take your finance career to the next level.

Download the admission criteria here:

Certified CFOs and Financial Managers

Stakeholder capatilism, climate change, corporate scandals, recessions, competition, regulations, emerging technologies and cyber threats place new demands on businesses. A value driven finance function responds with integrated thinking to balance financial, physical, human, social and intellectual capital. Being able to create value through measuring, monitoring, interpreting, and predicting business performance is transforming the modern CFO into a chief value officer.

The Competencies of the Modern CFO:

CFO Club Africa assists members in obtaining competencies required to perform the functions and roles of the modern CFO or Finance Leader.


Performance improvement

 Knowledge management

 Strategic development

Organisation-wide collaboration

 Flexibility and adaptability

Stakeholder engagement

Governance, compliance and reporting

To perform these functions, the Finance Leader is required to master more than 34 competencies structured around four key roles:

1. Steward

Accounting, control, risk management and asset preservation are the proficiencies of the Steward. The Steward must ensure company compliance with financial reporting and control requirements. Top of-mind issues for the Steward are information quality and control rationalisation.

2. Operator

Efficiency and service levels are the primary areas of focus for the Operator. The Operator must dynamically balance cost and service levels to deliver on the finance function’s responsibilities, and adapt finance’s operating model as necessary. Talent management, offshoring and shared service decisions are often the key issues to be addressed. This role is oriented toward best practices of the finance function itself.

3. Catalyst

The Catalyst is an agent for change, focused on establishing a value-driven attitude throughout the organisation. The Catalyst identifies, evaluates and executes strategies, and serves as a business partner to other decision makers. The Catalyst establishes a structure of enterprise accountability directed toward results, drives enterprise execution and gains acceptance from business management. This role is oriented toward best practices of the entire organisation.

4. Strategist

The Strategist is a director focused on defining the future of the company to enhance business performance and shareholder value. The Strategist provides a financial perspective on innovation and profitable growth, leverages this perspective to improve risk-awareness, strategic decision-making and performance management integration, and translates the expectations of the capital markets into internal business imperatives. This role is oriented toward long-term, strategic issues, and is outwardly directed.

If the above applies to you then:

  1. Download the Certified Financial Officer (SA) handbook here.
  2. Download The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual
  3. Complete the Certified Financial Officer (SA) application form and pay the application fee (R5500).
  4. Upload your Portfolio of Evidence & Experience (PoE) which will demonstrate your proficiency in the 34 critical competency areas and includes your personal information.
  5. Attend a Certified Financial Officer (SA) peer interview which will be based on your PoE
  6. On approval of your application pay the annual membership fee (R6 500 *payment options available ).
  7. Commit to 40 hours of CPD (20 hours of which must be verifiable) per annum on topics of your choice.
  8. Annually complete an ethics declaration and submit to SAIBA.

Meet your peers who are standing out with the CFO(SA) designation

CFO | Kapersky

Sajjanna Ramesh CFO(SA)

I have been awarded with a CFO(SA) designation, which recognises my competencies as a Finance Leader.

Strategic CFO and Management Consultant

Nitin Singh CFO(SA)

CFO (SA) is my confidence. Since i have been awarded CFO(SA) I got self-confidence. CFO(SA) defines "ME". It has given me a "Identity".

CFO | National Agricultural Marketing Council.

Irene Mathatho CFO(SA)

The CFO(SA) designation has added a sense of fulfillment and elevation to my career both personally and in a corporate world. What i like about this designation is that it recognizes the qualifications one obtained and experienced earned over the years which is what is required especially at an Executive level.

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