CFO and Acting CEO, Makgau Dibakwane – Fundi Capital Fundi Capital is not only South Africa’s leading education finance provider but it’s also positioning itself as a brand for the continent. Makgau Dibakwane explains how Fundi is passionate about making a difference in the life of every African through education. CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO […]

Financial Expert and Author ‘My dream is really to educate the people of South Africa about finances because I believe if you empower an individual financially, you uplift a nation.’ CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today’s podcast is sponsored by Draftworx, which provides automated drafting and working paper financial software to more than [&hellip

Part-time / Portfolio Finance Director – The FD Centre Having experienced part-time finance executives allows business owners and CEO’s to focus on their core competencies, Jaco Roos provides some insight to the growing demand for this cost-effective alternative to a fulltime CFO.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today I am talking to […]

CFO – Hubergroup SA Mark le Roux, CFO of Hubergroup South Africa, explains how the CFO is having to master new disciplines and assume a commanding role in the business. Not least of these skills is communication – something not taught in accounting schools.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO talks and I’m Ciaran Ryan […]

Senior Director of Finance Controlling – Ooredoo Tunisia Ooredoo Tunisia is the country’s leading telecoms provider with over eight million customers but it’s not escaped the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and I am joined today by Yassine Soussi, who is a member of the International Association of Financial [&hellip

Vice President International Advocacy – The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants This year’s pandemic has meant that many companies had to fundamentally change their business model and accountants are proving to be critical in helping them do that. Samantha Louis highlights the vital role that the AICPA plays in supporting the


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