Vice President International Advocacy – The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants This year’s pandemic has meant that many companies had to fundamentally change their business model and accountants are proving to be critical in helping them do that. Samantha Louis highlights the vital role that the AICPA plays in supporting the

Co-Founder and CEO – Roots Automation New York-based Roots Automation is developing digital co-workers capable of completing the work of eight people, CEO Chaz Perera explains how bots are now providing executives with the time to focus on creating higher value for their companies. CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and I am very delighted […]

CFO – Kaspersky Lab Africa Sajjanna Ramesh, finance director at Kaspersky Lab Africa, took a non-conventional route to CFO, and she’s thankful she did. Working from inside one of the top cybersecurity firms in the world, she has an impeccable view of the risks that businesses are exposed to in an increasingly virtual world. CIARAN […]

CFO – Evergreen Retirement Holdings The outgoing CFO of Evergreen Retirement Holdings, Adam Kajee, is determined to make a difference in South Africa and this passion prompted him to establish ThembiSA Private Equity Investments. 11 November 2020 CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and what a pleasure it is to welcome Adam Kajee, who is […]

CFO – Mint Management Technologies Proudly South African and multiple award-winning Mint is a global IT systems integrator focusing on enhancing the modern workplace.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and what a pleasure it is today to be joined by Yvonne Dias, she is the CFO at Mint Management Technologies, which is a […]

Turnaround Strategist/Business Rescue Practice – Trilord Consulting After 39 years in the corporate sector, Rajesh Mahabeer, is drawing on his combination of vast experience, skills and competencies in launching Trilord Consulting, which offers their clients unique expertise to unlock value.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and I’m very happy this

Virtual Chief Financial Officer The global pandemic has accelerated the transition to remote working in many industries, Maarten Coetzee highlights the key skills needed by a modern CFO in today’s virtual world.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and I’m joined today by Maarten Coetzee, who is part of a growing crop of freelance […]


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