Stevens Mwanje: The Crucial Role of CFOs in Shaping Africa’s Business Landscape    Introduction  In a recent discussion on the CFO Club podcast, Stevens Mwanje, CFO at the National Security Fund of Uganda, shared invaluable insights into the evolving role of CFOs in today’s dynamic business environment. Hosted by Nicolaas van Wyk, editor for CFO [&he

Fransua van der Westhuizen: Embracing Global Standards and Navigating Challenges  The evolving role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) continues to reshape the landscape of global business, particularly in how these leaders manage financial complexities, adapt to cultural differences, and drive strategic decisions. A recent podcast featuring seasoned CFO Frans

Farhaan Moolla: Innovative Leadership: The Journey of a modern and dynamic CFO Written by: Staff writer In this podcast Farhaan Moolla, a seasoned CFO with a notable career in financial leadership and strategic planning, shared his journey, beginning with his entrepreneurial family background. His career trajectory took him from a trainee at Nolands to financia


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