Tax Consulting SA SARS has extended their global reach and now has access to all bank accounts worldwide.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we’re joined by Tanya Tosen of Tax Consulting. Tanya has over 15 years of tax and employee benefit experience, which encompasses optimising employee salary packages incorporating all benefits, […]

CEO: Busmark South Africa’s only manufacturer of buses now has its sights set on producing 1000 buses every month throughout Africa.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we’re joined by 42-year-old chartered accountant Pat Nodada, he’s been called the bus king of Africa. He’s conquered the South African bus market and now […]

Managing Director: NuEnergy Developments ‘You’re not going to get a single technology that’s going to be a silver bullet for all our energy requirements.’   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks, today we are delighted to welcome Des Muller, managing director for NuEnergy Developments, a consultancy structured around the development and industrialisation

CFO: Department of Trade and Industry Having achieved record levels of financial performance and the DTI’s first ever clean audit, Shabeer Khan is a sterling example of how a professional skillset can bolster a government department.   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we are talking to Shabeer Khan, chief financial officer at […]

Acting CFO: Rural Housing Loan Fund ‘Empowering rural home owners. With capital of over R400 million, the Rural Housing Loan Fund services a niche sector by providing short-term loans to rural home owners.’   CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks, it’s a pleasure to have Bruce Gordon with us today. Bruce is the acting chief […]

Chief Financial Officer: Afrimat Don’t waste a good crisis. ‘We are a very entrepreneurial-type culture in Afrimat and we always look for opportunities in the crisis.’       CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we’re joined by Pieter de Wit, chief financial officer at Afrimat, a construction materials and mining company listed […]

Director of financial management: Stats SA ‘SA in numbers. Attention to detail, a dedicated work ethic and continual training ensures that Stats SA not only maintains its reputation for clean audits but also consistently provides accurate data.’     CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we’re delighted to be joined by Renolda Mogale, [&hellip

National President: Mexican Institute of Finance Executives The global impact of CFO’s: In the first international interview for CFO Talks, Fernando Lopez Macari provides fascinating insight to the Mexican economy.     CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we are very pleased to be joined by Fernando Lopez Macari, national president of the [&hell

Financial Director: Sasria A finance professional who is about much more than just number crunching. Bajabulile is the Finance Director of Sasria. Affordable cover against special risks is the niche offering provided by this flourishing state-owned company. 19 March 2019     CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and we are talking to Bajabulile Mthiyane, [&h

CEO & CFO: Alyak Investments From CFO to business owner: Drawing on his financial and forensic experience, Bryan Dorfan’s new consultancy assists businesses to improve their profitability.     CIARAN RYAN: This is CFO Talks and today we are talking with Bryan Dorfan, who’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer of Alyak Investment


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