‘Every CFO or finance professional should do a secondment within sales.’ By her own admission, Sharon Naidoo has a very generalised personality that has led to a diversified career, most notably her experience in sales, which has provided her with valuable empathy for the functions and roles of all staff in an organisation. CIARAN RYAN: […]

Leading from the Heart Carina Spangenberg is the epitome of determination through adversity, overcoming each challenge in her career with grace and grit, and has now united her passion for both finance and design in her position as head of finance at Ideas Cartel. CIARAN RYAN: Today’s podcast is sponsored by Draftworx, which provides automated […]

Empowering Africa’s Informal Retailers Returning to his home of Kenya, Douglas Tuva, decided to take the plunge and move from corporate companies to a startup, where he is CFO at Kyosk Digital Services, connecting informal retailers directly to fast-moving consumer goods by leveraging a tech platform. CIARAN RYAN: Today’s podcast is sponsored by Draftwo

‘A great businessman is not necessarily the best entrepreneur.’ Always enticed to look for new opportunities, Francois Herbst started his first business at the age of 15, this maverick entrepreneur then went on to establish a host of other businesses over the years, now including House of Growth where, amongst other services, he has a […]

A&O Aims to be the Most Advanced Law Firm Averen Deonanan’s career spans 14 years across a variety of industries, which has led him to be head of finance at Allen & Overy, one of the world’s most prestigious law firms, now at the forefront of introducing new client-centric technology to the African market.   […]

Working Above the Waterline James Vanreusel spent many years working in finance in New York and California before launching his own CFO and corporate consultancy in San Francisco, and with a lot of capital floating around in the Bay Area, his consultancy has seen quite a big inflow of potential clients. CIARAN RYAN: Today’s podcast […]

‘I never regret any decision I make.’ A man of integrity with a depth of experience, particularly in the non-profit sector, Kevin Woolward highlights the challenges of the past year for the South African Dental Association and provides some invaluable advice for up-and-coming accountants. CIARAN RYAN: Today’s podcast is sponsored by Draftworx, which p

‘I am a mix of banking experience, enterprise experience and public sector experience.’ Emmanuel Millard has had an illustrious career, gaining experience at some of the world’s most foremost financial institutions and then moving into the public sector to serve his country, now recently elected as President of the National Association of Finance Executiv

Passionate About People and Making a Difference Johnathan Dillon heads up JDCV Consult, with services ranging from corporate finance consulting to funding great entrepreneurial ideas. Through his passion for people and teaching he aims to unlock the potential that we have in South Africa from people being doers to value adders. CIARAN RYAN: Today’s podcas

‘I was one of those crazy people who loved auditing.’ Tina Maharaj lives by the maxim, adapt and thrive, this tenacity and a flare for accounting has led her through a dynamic career to CFO at the SABS, where her current focus is on the financial turnaround of one of the world’s leading providers of […]


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