Why Shadrack Modika keeps attending CFO Alliance Summits

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Why does Shadrack Modika keep attending CFO Alliance Summits? The Limpopo-based CFO explained to a recent CFOConvo webinar how these trips have shaped his professional evolution, from preparing him for Covid to having industry leaders encourage him to expand his business offering.
Gaining global inspiration and perspectives
Shadrack Modika, CFO at CSL Accountants, explained to the CFOConvo webinar that before being exposed to the CIBA CFO(SA) designation and the CFO Competency framework, and CFO conferences, his accounting approach was more traditional.
“It [attending CFO Conference] brings about the difference between your conservative way of doing books and being a CFO. A modern CFO has got to be equipped with different skills, including those of people management.”
Shadrack is responsible for providing CFO services to five companies with over 100 employees.
“My partner would say, ‘environment and associations have a tendency of defining us, professionally and otherwise.’ So from the time that I happened to interact with high profile finance leaders from different countries through this type of gatherings organised by CIBA, you tend to learn a lot – different cultures, different ways of doing things.”
How a CFO Conference prepped Shadrack for the Pandemic
“I remember when I attended the CFO conference in Italy 2019 before the pandemic hit the world,” Shadrack told the CFOConvo audience. 
“In that conference, we spoke about ways and means of encouraging and reimbursing employees. One of them was to cut the number of days that your employees would come to work as opposed to increasing their salaries.” 
Shadrack implemented a more flexible work location policy shortly before the pandemic, which allowed his employees to save money on commute costs. 
“When COVID-19 came through, for us, it was just a work flowing.”
When international experts take your ideas seriously
Shadrack also runs an accredited college offering business qualifications. However, at the time of the 2019 CFO conference in Italy, this venture was still finding its feet. At the event, he found a cheerleader in international tax expert, Piergiorgio Valente.
“I had a session with Piergiorgio regarding the idea, and he was so eager to assist.” 
Ahead of his trip to Tunisia and Turkey for the CFO Alliance Summit between the 6th and 12th of June, Shadrack is looking forward to discussions around AI and the finance functions and a planned discussion on the transformation of the finance function. 
“I have attended these types of conferences several times, and every time it’s it’s up for grabs. I always do not hesitate to take up that opportunity.
In less than a month Shadrack jets off with ten other CFOs to Tunisia and Türkiye. The limited spaces are fast filling up, but you click here to potentially still secure a seat on the flight.


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