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In an exciting development for CFO leaders worldwide, the International CFO Alliance held its inaugural meeting in Tunisia on June 9, 2023. This milestone event, hosted by Tunisia’s local CFO association, COGEREF, brought together CFO leaders from 15 associations spanning Northern and Southern Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The formation of this alliance marks a significant step towards the collective mission of elevating the CFO profession on a global scale.


Promoting collaboration and standardisation:

With a vision to foster collaboration, establish common standards, and advocate for the CFO profession globally, the International CFO Alliance aims to provide a platform for CFOs to exchange ideas and drive excellence in the finance sector. This initiative has attracted prominent CFO associations, including South Africa’s leading African CFO Association, CFO Club, represented by the Chartered Institute for Business Accountants (formerly SAIBA).

Key initiatives and strategic planning:

During the inaugural meeting, CFO leaders engaged in a vibrant exchange of ideas and strategic planning sessions. Several key initiatives were discussed and will shape the alliance’s future activities. These initiatives include the development of a global CFO certification curriculum, which will enhance the professional competencies and recognition of CFOs worldwide. Additionally, the alliance aims to establish a shared online platform that represents national bodies, facilitating communication and collaboration across borders.

Engaging with state agencies and global regulators:

Recognising the importance of advocacy and representation, the International CFO Alliance is committed to engaging with state agencies and global regulators. By actively participating in dialogues and discussions, the alliance seeks to promote the interests and perspectives of CFOs on pertinent global issues. This engagement will ensure that CFOs have a voice in shaping policies and regulations that impact the finance industry.

Enriching collaboration:

The formation of the International CFO Alliance promises to be an enriching collaboration that will drive excellence in the finance sector. By bringing together finance leaders from diverse backgrounds and regions, the alliance creates a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing, best practices, and professional development. Through collective efforts, CFOs can leverage their expertise to contribute to the growth and success of organisations worldwide.

The inaugural meeting of the International CFO Alliance in Tunisia marked a significant milestone in the ongoing mission to elevate the CFO profession globally. With its focus on collaboration, standardisation, and advocacy, the alliance is poised to make a lasting impact on the finance industry. As the alliance embarks on its journey, CFOs from around the world can look forward to a vibrant platform that promotes excellence, advances the profession, and provides a unified voice for CFOs on the global stage.

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