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The CFO Club Africa is open to all CFOs and Financial Managers working in Africa.

Build your career and network.
Join the Club and get connected with African Finance leaders, global decision makers, standard setters and government policy makers.

Connect globally
With a network of more than 5000 International Finance Leaders, you will elevate your career with insightful resources and niche networking
opportunities, when joining the CFO Club.

Whether you want to expand your business into Africa or want to connect with multi-national Finance Leaders, this is the community that will set you on a path to success.

We facilitate new connections, inspire, and give access to world-class education – making CFO Club the perfect launchpad into becoming the best Finance Executive you can be.

If you are a CFO, FD, FM, or equivalent working for a large corporate or state entity, you qualify to join the club.

Join the exclusive community for the modern Finance
Leader and gain international exposure and connections.
CFO Club Membership

By joining the CFO Club membership you get access to the following:


    • Go deep with industry influencers on the most relevant finance issues.
    • Members-Only Programs.
    • Experience unique opportunities designed to build deep relationships.

Peer and Leadership Development

    • Become a better, more effective leader for your team and company.

Signature Series events

    •  Hear how the world’s best finance leaders are tackling today’s biggest issues.

Other Benefits

    • Be part of an international community of Finance Executives – IAFEI and CFO Alliance.
    • CFO Talks Podcasts.
    • CFO Talks Blog.
    • Book Club.
    • CFO Club Newsletter.
    • Access to communities of experts.
    • 10% discount on the annual World Congress.
    • 20% Discount for the applications for the CFO(SA) and CBA(SA) designation.
    • Proof that you are committed to ethical conduct and lifelong learning.
    • Discount on CPD events.
    • Regular free webinars with industry experts.
    • Contact with local structures and special interest committees.

Executive Education

CFO Club offers online learning and accreditation to ensure the modern CFO builds financial, strategic and operational value.

a.)CPD for Finance Leaders:

    • Extensive topics that cover the entire range of the CFO function, presented by experts.

b.)Programme for the Emerging CFO:

    • Enables newly qualified CFOs to become valued members of the finance team.

c.)CFO Events:

    • Attend events that help expand your network and focus specifically on the challenges and requirements of the CFO.
Company profile

Companies can share their achievements and opportunities with the rest of the community by being profiled on CFO Talks.

CFO Networking and Awards

Access to 5000+ international finance leaders, World CFO Congress and Summits, and the World CFO Awards.

Working Groups

Let your voice be heard by volunteering for our CFO Working Groups.

You have done the work. Now earn the designation



Take your CFO Club membership to the next level by objectively demonstrating attainment of the 34 competencies of the modern Finance Leader by earning your Cert. Fin. Officer (SA) designation.

Classical route:
CFO Club member + CFO Job title + BCom + CTA + MBA + 8 years experience + Competency assessment = Certified CFO designation
RPL route:
CFO Club member + CFO Job title + Any degree + MBA + 12 years experience + Competency assessment = Certified CFO designation

Ideal for:

    • Chief Financial Officers
    • Finance Directors
    • Government Finance Directors
    • Senior Financial Managers
    • Treasurers
    • Senior Controllers
    • Vice Presidents of Finance

If you meet the criteria to earn the Certified Financial Officer (SA) designation, then complete the application form today to take your finance career to the next level.

Download the admission criteria here

Designation benefits:
    • Registration on the National Database of Accountants in terms of the NQF Act, 2008.
    • Charted to 34 competencies required at the strategic level of a finance department.
    •  Officially registered certification for finance executives in South Africa.
    • Objective confirmation of your worth as a Certified CFO.
    • Proof that you are committed to ethical conduct and lifelong learning.
    • Access to Tax Knowledge Base.


The official designation to become a Certified Financial Manager



The CBA (SA) designation is your stepping stone to the prestigious CFO (SA) designation. Gain valuable recognition as a Finance Manager with this unique designation that will help distinguish you as someone who demonstrates professionalism, ethical conduct and lifelong learning. Obtaining a CBA (SA) with SAIBA will open up a world of professional opportunities that extend beyond the average accounting designation.

Classical route:
Commerce degree at honours level or higher + 4 years accounting related experience + self-assessment examination by experience = CBA(SA) designation.

Ideal for:

    • Anyone working within the management level of a finance or accounting department.
    • Financial managers.
    • Finance Controller, Credit Controller, Corporate Controller.
    • Finance lawyer, commercial lawyer.
    • Investment bankers
    • Relationship Manager
    • Procurement Manager
    • Treasury Analyst

If you meet the criteria to earn the CBA(SA) designation, then complete the application form today to take your finance career to the next level.

Download the admission criteria here


    • Go to www.cfoclub.com and complete the application form.
    • Provide copies of your ID, CV and degrees/qualifications.
    • Submit a declaration of proficiency, confirming that the 34 critical competencies have been achieved.
    • Submit to a peer interview by a finance executive based on the critical competencies.
    • Pay the application and annual membership fees.
    • Commit to 30 hours of CPD per annum on topics of your choice.
    • Complete an annual ethics declaration and submit to SAIBA.
    • Download the admission criteria here

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CFO Club

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