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George Luputa, managing director of LBS Accountants, is no stranger to CFO Tours. In June he embarked on his fourth CIBA CFO Tour, visiting Türkiye and Tunisia.

“What attracts me to these trips is the networking and the bond. We establish a bond of brotherhood or sisterhood.”

This year’s tour kicked off with two days in Türkiye where the group visited the Hagia Sophia built initially as a church by the Eastern Roman Empire and later converted to a mosque. The group also visited the famed Blue Mosque.

The CFOs then moved on to Tunisia.

A historic moment

In Tunisia, George was part of the CFO Alliance Statutes Signing Ceremony.

“The signing happened on our first night in Tunisia. The people who started this program have a bigger vision. In ten, twenty, or fifty years, I strongly believe that this alliance will become big. And when it does, history will record that we were part of the signing,” says George.

Fifteen CFO associations from Europe, Africa, and Central America formed the Alliance, with South Africa playing a prominent role.

AI is coming to an office near you

Another highlight George experienced was around the discussion on AI. The conference discussed the ‘Implications of artificial intelligence and robotisation on the finance function’.

“I’m over 40, I’m chasing 50. Many years ago, I remember my boss at the time spoke about mainframe computers, and they were saying, “We want to bring a computer into the palm of your hands”. That’s what is happening with AI now.

“I can see that we are getting into that space where artificial intelligence is taking over. For instance, it used to be that producing financial statements would take you a long time. But now, with artificial intelligence, everything is becoming faster.

“It was very interesting to be part of that discussion.”

George says that an increased focus on the role of technology is something he will take back to his business in Mpumalanga and he is looking at implementing new tech solutions.


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